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Meet Me!

Meet Me!

The Rise of E-learningEducators.com

My Name is Paula, and I am a qualified CPA with over 15 years’ experience in Accounting and Business.  I have worked across a broad range of industries and levels of seniority.  During this time I used Excel as my spreadsheet tool of choice, attending many courses and regularly updating my skills. It was my love for Excel that started my journey as an e-learning educator. As a manager and an Accountant, I noticed a skills gap amount Accountants and finance staff in Excel. In 2010 I launched www.theexcelclub.com with 1 course aimed at this market. I am now author and presenter of many online courses.

In addition to being an Accountant and an E-learning Educator, I am also a wife and a mother of two, my youngest is 2 and eldest is 7.  I currently work as an Accountant for a global company, which makes family life very very busy.  I am always stuck for time, and finding a balance is very difficult.  I’m sure all working parents understand the pressures involved.

The reason for E-learningEducators.com is to keep me focused and help others.  I also want to learn more and build a resource for other E-learning Educators around the globe. This blog will take you through a journey, what I am trying now, and how it is working for me. We will talk about software, hardware, marketing and sales, course production, e-learning and much much more.

So if you are thinking of teaching on-line for an income, already are teaching on-line, or you have an interest in the topic, I hope you will subscribe and follow my journey. Don’t be shy while you are here, please comment, share and like, as knowing what you like, will build a better resource for everyone.

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  1. I live in the south most parts of Africa, Lesotho. I know and I feel it that the next biggest explosion in training and education in this parts of the world is going to be on e-learning. I currently teach at a college where baby steps to introduce blended learning are underway, but in a staff of over 200 people I seem to be the only person who is doing something about finding excellence in this area as an educator. It can be very frustrating, but right now I am spending hours unending trying to find resources, communities or cheerleaders online and I have since registered for a few courses (that I never completed!) but hey you said I could comment so there I am. Lost in the labyrinth that is e-learning educators world 2015!

    I am a trained accountant and my love for Lotus 1-2-3 (yes I am old school) has always drawn me to computers. Id like to see online training get accepted by the powers that be and it wouldn’t hurt my not so fat wallet a little if I could make some money using the first mover advantage that I clearly posses in this area!

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