3 Actions Online Instructors Must Take Today

Recent changes on Udemy have left many Online Instructors and Edupreneurs feeling nervous and feeling the pinch. As an online educator, this is a topic I have a lot of interest in.  I have been following the recent change in strategies by the top influencers’ in this field, watching their videos and reading their posts. […]

sell online courses

Where to Sell Online Courses – 12 Course Marketplace Sites

Are you trying to establish where to sell online courses? Teaching online is exploding. In 2015 Lynda.com was purchased for $1.5b, showing a serious interest in the ability to generate income from online courses.  Why?  Because people value knowledge and education. So much so that they are willing to pay for it.  Udemy just announced […]

Amazon Video Direct AVD

Amazon Video Direct – This is no YouTube

Amazon Video Direct (AVD) launched on the 10th May, less than two weeks ago. The media take is that Amazon are taking on YouTube.  I have to disagree.  I am a video educator and by the 12th of May I had my first video uploaded and approved.  What I can say so far is that […]

Essentials for every E-learning Course

6 Basic Essentials for every E-learning Course

As E-Learning continues to grow in popularity with learners, and with marketers as a marketing tool, many people and companies are trying their hand at developing their own E-learning content or course.  But anyone that has produce an E-Learning course will remember the learning journey they went on when creating their first course.  There is […]

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Teaching Online – Quarter 1 in Review and Income report

Well Q1 of 2016 has come to a close and I must say, it has been such a busy 3 months.  As always I found my self-side tracked with new ideas for courses other business & not for profit, but when I got stuck in, I achieved so much. You can find my income report […]

curious wheel of learning

It’s all about the Learner – The Curious Wheel of Learning

Curiosity Curiosity makes learning more enjoyable and fun. The more curiosity you have for the topic the more you will explore and learning will become more rewarding.  Curiosity prepares the mind for learning, it is an openness to acquiring a new skill or learning a new fact. Think of a small child, full of wonder, […]

the future of e-learning

The Future of E-Learning

I have been teaching online and producing e-learning courses now over 6 years. During this time I have seen many changes. Changes from advancements in technology, changes from the reduction in costs for producing e-learning, changes from the increased use of the internet and mobile devices, and changes in attitude towards e-learning.  But where is […]

Step by Step – How to Gamify any E-Learning Course

Over the last few months I have been trying to find a way to beef up my Video based courses, to create engagement and motivate learners.  I have quizzes, activities, discussions, peer review projects, case studies and additional resources already included in my courses. But like many other online instructors, I find it a challenge […]

growing your student base

Growing your Student Base for your E-Learning Course

Growing your student base for your e-learning course can be a daunting task for anyone new to online marketing.  I remember being told, build it and they will come.  Well I built it, and I was lucky, they did come, but for many online teachers, this is not the reality.  So how do you grow […]

make your e-learning course social

You need to make your E-learning Course Social

E-learning courses had developed greatly over the years, from text-based page turners, to video, interactive media, serious games, simulations and live webinars.  The thing about e-learning is that it is Global.  Your e-learning course has the potential to educate people on the other side of the world, while you are sleeping.  We are in an […]