infographics for teaching and learning

Infographics for teaching and learning

What are Infographics? An infographic is a way to tell a story to an audience in a visual manner.  Infographics use data visualizations, charts, numbers, text, graphs and images all combined into one to the story Why Infographics work for teaching and learning There is a science behind infographics, but to keep things short a simple.  People […]

multiple choice quizzes

13 Tips for designing multiple choice quizzes

Multiple choice quizzes are a fantastic way to test your learners because they provide quick feedback to students and can be set up on most e-learning platforms and also scored easily in a classroom environment.  One of the problems with multiple choice quizzes is that it takes time to really write them well. So to […]

game based learning

Game Based Learning – 6 Tips to get you started

Game based learning has been growing in demand over time as it is proven to be an effective and measurable form of training and education.  It can be developed using simple tools such as Power Point, Office Mix and Google Slides or tools such as ISpring and Simformer.  If you are considering developing games for […]


Work from home teaching online courses

I have been teaching online since 2010, giving me the opportunity to work from home. Working from home is a lifestyle choice and teaching online is a genuine online working opportunity. I have courses on my own site and also on course market place platforms such as Udemy and Curious.  Working from home has given […]

Game based learning versus gamification

There is a lot of talk and buzz in the education, e-learning and m-learning sectors about gamification and game based learning.  But what is the difference between game based learning and gamification? And how can they be deployed in your course? In this article we will look at game based learning versus gamification. Gamification Gamification […]

What to do with E-learning Course Analytic’s

What are E-learning Course Analytic’s? E-learning Course Analytic’s can give an instructor or online teacher much-needed details on a course performance and success.  Analytic’s are different to feedback.  Feedback is what the student tells you, by completing a form or questioner, or even sometimes by reviews that are left.  Analytic’s on the other hand tell […]

the excel club

How I made over €105,000 teaching one E-learning course

I am sure every Edupreneur wonders how much money they can really earn when they make and launch their first e-learning course.  I know I wondered what was possible, but when I started teaching online, there was no information available on Instructor earning. Today all you have to do is a google search and you will […]

What is instructional design

How to become an Instructional Designer

What is an instructional Designer? What does an Instructional Designer need to know? How do you become an instructional designer? [you may have read my previous article, if not you can check it out here:  What is Instructional Design] Teaching online is growing year on year and the need for Instructional Designers is also growing….. […]

make money teaching online

A Year in Review and Income Report by an Online teacher

With 2015 closing soon and 2016 on the horizon, it is now time to take stock and evaluate what has happened during the year and then make plans for 2016. Many of you know me here as author on E-learning Educators.  But what gives me the drive to run this site, is the courses I […]

6 Steps & 6 Tips – Starting an online teaching business

Starting an online teaching business has never been so easy.  Many people teach online for a little extra cash, some people teach online as a full time job.  The worldwide market for self-paced e-learning reached $46.9m in 2015 with the top buying countries being the US, China, Canada, South Korea, and India. This is a […]