Why you should use a Storyboard when creating courses

When I began writing online courses, I had never heard of a Storyboard. I was (and still am!) a subject matter expert.  I explained elements of my topic face to face every day in my job.  The approach taken to building my first e-learning course was to take the questions I was asked face to […]

cognitive load and instructional design

Cognitive load and course design

What is Cognitive load? Cognitive Load is the amount of mental effort used in the working memory.  Your working memory is short term, it is where new information is initially stored until it is either lost or transferred to permanent memory.  The history of cognitive load theory suggested that our working memory had a limit […]

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Design killer online courses with Gagné’s 9 Steps of Instruction

Robert Mills Gagné (August 21, 1916 – April 28, 2002) was an American psychologist that carried out a series of studies around what is considered to be good instructional design.  Gagné came up with the 9 Steps of Instruction, which when applied, give a systematic approach to Instructional design and training.  Are you new to Instructional […]

Instructional design addie

The ADDIE Instructional Design Model

There are a number of Instructional Design models and methods.  One of these is the ADDIE instructional design model.   Florida State University first developed the ADDIE model to explain, “…the processes involved in the formulation of an instructional systems development (ISD) program for military interservice training that will adequately train individuals to do a particular […]

Instructional design

What is Instructional Design?

I recently ordered a new kitchen to improve the living experience in my home.  I wanted a kitchen that uses innovative and creative designs. A kitchen where my family and I are comfortable gathering, where the appliances are correctly placed and the room fulfils its purpose.  But this living space could be designed differently. With […]

the Adult learner

Create highly effective online courses by understanding the adult learner

Andregogy is the study of how adults learn and the development of methodologies for effectively teaching adults. If you are a course creator you need to understand the adult learner. Malcolm Knowles (the godfather of Andregogly) provided a framework to understand the differences between pedagogy(the study of children learning) and andragogy.  These principles are based […]

Thank you Online Teachers and E-learning Educators

July has been another good month for E-learning Educators and I would like to say thank you Online teachers and E-learning Educators for your support, comments and feedback on my blog posts. July is only the third full month for E-learning Educators, and with over 1400 views this month, this is a community I am proud […]


4 ways to profit from teaching online

Does the idea of teaching online appeal to you, but you don’t know where to start?  Do you want to explore more avenues in the online teaching world?  When it comes to teaching online as a viable career choice or to earn a little extra, there are a number of avenues open to you . […]

learning objectives

Tips for writing learning objectives that focus learners and attract new students

Blogs can be compared to short courses, as a well written blog provides micro bites of learning. Blogs normally have a focus, something the blogger think’s that you will want to know or understand, something of value.  The learning objectives are sometimes referred to in the title of the post.  But if bloggers were to include […]

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Should Online Teachers and E-learning Educators have an online social learning community ?

The simple answer to this question is yes, online Teachers and E-learning Educators should have an online social learning community?  Vygotsky put forward a learning theory that people learn through interactions and communications with others.  He examined how our social environments influence the learning process.  He suggested that learning takes place through the interactions students […]