Augmented Reality in E-Learning

Augmented Reality (AR) is a hot topic in Education.  But how relevant and practical is Augmented Reality in E-learning? AR is hidden digital content that can be placed on images or video.  This digital content is placed behind a marker, and must be displayed for long enough that the application can detect it and analyse […]

10 Ways to Increase your Blog traffic

If there is one thing that’s important to online educators, its owning a blog. And once you own a blog the next question is how do I increase website traffic or how do I increase traffic to my blog? With that in mind, I have put together a list that you can use to help […]

I have an announcement

Thank you all for the follows and likes of my blog posts over the last number of months. E-learning Educators has had a fantastic first 3 months and to celebrate this, I have an announcement….. Check out the video, and stay tuned to the video so you don’t miss out on any offers

Free E-learning Game Template

 STEP BY STEP VIDEO, HOW TO BUILD AN E-LEARNING GAME IS AVAILABLE ON CURIOUS. Making a simple e-learning game with PowerPoint or Google Slides is a relatively straight forward task. E-learning games can be used as activities or learning breaks in your online course to add interactive elements of fun. In this article I am going […]

7 resason why you should teach online

7 reasons why YOU should teach online courses

WATCH THIS ON CURIOUS.COM I have been teaching online now since 2010 and as I enjoy it so much, I very much find myself actively promoting online teaching as a viable career choice or part time job. If there is something that you love, that you enjoy.  If you have a knowledge that you can […]

What type of e-learning courses are preferred? E-learning Infographic Survey results

Have you ever wondered what type of E-learning courses are popular and what type of e-learning courses are preferred?  E-learning Educators carried out a survey in May 2015 and we asked these very questions. As you can see from the e-learning infographic, from the people that we surveyed, the most popular type of E-learning course […]

Qr code

QR codes in E-learning

There are many ways you can incorporate QR codes in your e-learning course or to market your e-learning course, but before I give you some ideas, let me quickly tell you what a QR code is.  QR code stands for Quick Response code and it was first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Is […]

google forms for e-learning educators

Engage E-learners – Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes

wGoogle Forms to create auto correcting quizzes WATCH THIS ON CURIOUS In my last post, Google forms for E-learning Educators, I mentioned the use of Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes or assignments.  Having the ability to auto correct a quiz or assignment means learners can receive feedback relatively quickly. From an E-learning Educators […]

google forms for e-learning educators

Google forms for E-learning Educators

Google forms for E-learning Educators Google forms are quickly becoming the survey tool of choice for many. Are you as an E-learning Educator using Google forms yet?  They are quick and simple to set up, and one fantastic feature is the ability to collect, track and analyse results in a spreadsheet.  E-Learning educators have the […]