Planning and preparing a new E-learning course

I have been planning my new course now for the last two weeks and the thought occurred to me that some of you may also be planning a new or even a first course and are wondering where do you start? My first course, is a very long course. Over 7 hours of video on […]

Is there a method to my madness?

Inspired by a Hangout I attended last week on hosting your courses on your own site, I have given a lot of thought as to why I am spending time promoting my courses on other sites.  So I think it is time I shared some history of my own site with you. In 2010 I […]

Coursmos – Micro teaching for on-line educators – Micro learning for a new generation

Coursmos I came across this website, Coursmos.com, that offer Micro learning.  Yep I said micro learning. Let me explain by way of some quotes. “9/10 students on traditional online learning do not complete courses because they are too long. Coursmos are bringing education to generation distracted!”  Tech crunch have said “It’s e-learning for the Twitter […]

Ahhh Social Media – try try not to spam

So the month of January 2015 comes to a close and I have been writing my blog all along telling you what I have been up to.  So what did I achieve?  Well quite a lot really.  I was a lot more focused, spend less time wasting time on social media and more productive time.  I […]

Am I giving it all away free – feels that way right now

One week left in the month and I am no way near my financial target.  I need to average over 2k a month to reach my 25K target.  So the plan was to launch the courses on different sites, but this will be a slow process.  My experience with Udemy is that you have to […]

How productive was I ?

The last two weeks have not been very productive in terms of my on-line training career.  Unfortunately my job as Accountant has kept me very busy.  It is year end and there are Audits in Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US for which, I am the main contact for.  The pressure is on.  In […]