lifetunes edtech startup

LifeTunes Knowledge Marketplace, a newcomer to the EdTech scene labeled by some as the ‘iTunes for Knowledge’, is a knowledge marketplace that lets anybody easily sell ‘mini-courses’ directly to the worlds mobile phones. Early adopting instructors get 70% of revenues. The evolving consumer, who likes to learn 80% of the content in 20% of the time whilst […]

Make more money teaching online lessons with Curious

Make More Money Teaching Online Lessons with Curious

As many of you know I have been teaching online since 2010 making it my sole source of income.  In the last year I have written 2 blogs about the Curious teaching and learning platform.  The first blog was with my teacher hat on and the second blog was with my learner hat on. If you read […]

3 Actions Online Instructors Must Take Today

Recent changes on Udemy have left many Online Instructors and Edupreneurs feeling nervous and feeling the pinch. As an online educator, this is a topic I have a lot of interest in.  I have been following the recent change in strategies by the top influencers’ in this field, watching their videos and reading their posts. […]

sell online courses

Where to Sell Online Courses – 12 Course Marketplace Sites

Are you trying to establish where to sell online courses? Teaching online is exploding. In 2015 was purchased for $1.5b, showing a serious interest in the ability to generate income from online courses.  Why?  Because people value knowledge and education. So much so that they are willing to pay for it.  Udemy just announced […]

curious wheel of learning

It’s all about the Learner – The Curious Wheel of Learning

Curiosity Curiosity makes learning more enjoyable and fun. The more curiosity you have for the topic the more you will explore and learning will become more rewarding.  Curiosity prepares the mind for learning, it is an openness to acquiring a new skill or learning a new fact. Think of a small child, full of wonder, […]

Are you Curious?

Online Teacher and E-learning Educators – ARE YOU CURIOUS?

A couple of months ago I came across a course market place website called  My first impressions were positive as I was immediately drawn to this attractive teaching site which I think you will be too…… About Curious.Com Launched in 2012 with $8m in funding, The Curious platform was opened to instructors in late […]

Microsoft office mix

Microsoft Office Mix and Office Mix Gallery – the free LCMS

Microsoft Office Mix and Office Mix Gallery – the free LCMS Microsoft have landed in the E-learning space with a really cool and free tool.  Office Mix and Office Mix Gallery.  I have been playing around with these for a few days now and combined they make a really valuable package, FREE!  It seems to […]


4 ways to profit from teaching online

Does the idea of teaching online appeal to you, but you don’t know where to start?  Do you want to explore more avenues in the online teaching world?  When it comes to teaching online as a viable career choice or to earn a little extra, there are a number of avenues open to you . […]

7 resason why you should teach online

7 reasons why YOU should teach online courses

WATCH THIS ON CURIOUS.COM I have been teaching online now since 2010 and as I enjoy it so much, I very much find myself actively promoting online teaching as a viable career choice or part time job. If there is something that you love, that you enjoy.  If you have a knowledge that you can […]

Coursmos – Micro teaching for on-line educators – Micro learning for a new generation

Coursmos I came across this website,, that offer Micro learning.  Yep I said micro learning. Let me explain by way of some quotes. “9/10 students on traditional online learning do not complete courses because they are too long. Coursmos are bringing education to generation distracted!”  Tech crunch have said “It’s e-learning for the Twitter […]