curious wheel of learning

It’s all about the Learner – The Curious Wheel of Learning

Curiosity Curiosity makes learning more enjoyable and fun. The more curiosity you have for the topic the more you will explore and learning will become more rewarding.  Curiosity prepares the mind for learning, it is an openness to acquiring a new skill or learning a new fact. Think of a small child, full of wonder, […]

the future of e-learning

The Future of E-Learning

I have been teaching online and producing e-learning courses now over 6 years. During this time I have seen many changes. Changes from advancements in technology, changes from the reduction in costs for producing e-learning, changes from the increased use of the internet and mobile devices, and changes in attitude towards e-learning.  But where is […]

Step by Step – How to Gamify any E-Learning Course

Over the last few months I have been trying to find a way to beef up my Video based courses, to create engagement and motivate learners.  I have quizzes, activities, discussions, peer review projects, case studies and additional resources already included in my courses. But like many other online instructors, I find it a challenge […]

the excel club

How I made over €105,000 teaching one E-learning course

I am sure every Edupreneur wonders how much money they can really earn when they make and launch their first e-learning course.  I know I wondered what was possible, but when I started teaching online, there was no information available on Instructor earning. Today all you have to do is a google search and you will […]

make money teaching online

A Year in Review and Income Report by an Online teacher

With 2015 closing soon and 2016 on the horizon, it is now time to take stock and evaluate what has happened during the year and then make plans for 2016. Many of you know me here as author on E-learning Educators.  But what gives me the drive to run this site, is the courses I […]

Why you should use a Storyboard when creating courses

When I began writing online courses, I had never heard of a Storyboard. I was (and still am!) a subject matter expert.  I explained elements of my topic face to face every day in my job.  The approach taken to building my first e-learning course was to take the questions I was asked face to […]

Thank you Online Teachers and E-learning Educators

July has been another good month for E-learning Educators and I would like to say thank you Online teachers and E-learning Educators for your support, comments and feedback on my blog posts. July is only the third full month for E-learning Educators, and with over 1400 views this month, this is a community I am proud […]

I have an announcement

Thank you all for the follows and likes of my blog posts over the last number of months. E-learning Educators has had a fantastic first 3 months and to celebrate this, I have an announcement….. Check out the video, and stay tuned to the video so you don’t miss out on any offers

7 resason why you should teach online

7 reasons why YOU should teach online courses

WATCH THIS ON CURIOUS.COM I have been teaching online now since 2010 and as I enjoy it so much, I very much find myself actively promoting online teaching as a viable career choice or part time job. If there is something that you love, that you enjoy.  If you have a knowledge that you can […]