Amazon Video Direct AVD

Amazon Video Direct – This is no YouTube

Amazon Video Direct (AVD) launched on the 10th May, less than two weeks ago. The media take is that Amazon are taking on YouTube.  I have to disagree.  I am a video educator and by the 12th of May I had my first video uploaded and approved.  What I can say so far is that […]

Step by Step – How to Gamify any E-Learning Course

Over the last few months I have been trying to find a way to beef up my Video based courses, to create engagement and motivate learners.  I have quizzes, activities, discussions, peer review projects, case studies and additional resources already included in my courses. But like many other online instructors, I find it a challenge […]

make your e-learning course social

You need to make your E-learning Course Social

E-learning courses had developed greatly over the years, from text-based page turners, to video, interactive media, serious games, simulations and live webinars.  The thing about e-learning is that it is Global.  Your e-learning course has the potential to educate people on the other side of the world, while you are sleeping.  We are in an […]

infographics for teaching and learning

Infographics for teaching and learning

What are Infographics? An infographic is a way to tell a story to an audience in a visual manner.  Infographics use data visualizations, charts, numbers, text, graphs and images all combined into one to the story Why Infographics work for teaching and learning There is a science behind infographics, but to keep things short a simple.  People […]

Game based learning versus gamification

There is a lot of talk and buzz in the education, e-learning and m-learning sectors about gamification and game based learning.  But what is the difference between game based learning and gamification? And how can they be deployed in your course? In this article we will look at game based learning versus gamification. Gamification Gamification […]

elearning game

Stimulate prior knowledge & gain learner attention with this E-Learning Game Template

Are you looking for an outcome based e-learning game template to use in your e-learning course?  I have been working to develop a learning module for a course that I personally teach:  Introduction to Bookkeeping & Accounting.  The aim of this module was to both grab the attention of the learner and stimulate the learner’s prior […]

Using Twitter in Education and E-Learning

Twitter is a fantastic tools that you can use in education or in your e-learning course to increase engagement, student motivation and also help students reach their learning goals. Check out this video where together we will use a live practical example to show the capabilities of Twitter to personalize the E-learning experience, a really good […]

tools for e-learning creation

Free Tools for E-learning Content Creators and Instructional Desingers

There is a never ending wave of tools and resources for E-learning content creators that can be found online, some of which are free, some are paid. While making my last few courses, there were a few tools that I used, to aid me with creating the course.  And the good news is that they […]

market your e-learning course on youtube

Why and How to use YouTube to Market your E-Learning Course?

Why and How should you use YouTube to market your e-learning course?  Well to start with YouTube has 3.25 billion hours of video watched each month.  That is an amazing statistic and can bring with it amazing interested traffic, to both your YouTube video and your e-learning course.  And that my friends is the basics of […]

Are you Curious?

Online Teacher and E-learning Educators – ARE YOU CURIOUS?

A couple of months ago I came across a course market place website called  My first impressions were positive as I was immediately drawn to this attractive teaching site which I think you will be too…… About Curious.Com Launched in 2012 with $8m in funding, The Curious platform was opened to instructors in late […]