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Amazon Video Direct – This is no YouTube

Amazon Video Direct (AVD) launched on the 10th May, less than two weeks ago. The media take is that Amazon are taking on YouTube.  I have to disagree.  I am a video educator and by the 12th of May I had my first video uploaded and approved.  What I can say so far is that […]

What is instructional design

How to become an Instructional Designer

What is an instructional Designer? What does an Instructional Designer need to know? How do you become an instructional designer? [you may have read my previous article, if not you can check it out here:  What is Instructional Design] Teaching online is growing year on year and the need for Instructional Designers is also growing….. […]

Using Twitter in Education and E-Learning

Twitter is a fantastic tools that you can use in education or in your e-learning course to increase engagement, student motivation and also help students reach their learning goals. Check out this video where together we will use a live practical example to show the capabilities of Twitter to personalize the E-learning experience, a really good […]

Thank you Online Teachers and E-learning Educators

July has been another good month for E-learning Educators and I would like to say thank you Online teachers and E-learning Educators for your support, comments and feedback on my blog posts. July is only the third full month for E-learning Educators, and with over 1400 views this month, this is a community I am proud […]

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Should Online Teachers and E-learning Educators have an online social learning community ?

The simple answer to this question is yes, online Teachers and E-learning Educators should have an online social learning community?  Vygotsky put forward a learning theory that people learn through interactions and communications with others.  He examined how our social environments influence the learning process.  He suggested that learning takes place through the interactions students […]

I have an announcement

Thank you all for the follows and likes of my blog posts over the last number of months. E-learning Educators has had a fantastic first 3 months and to celebrate this, I have an announcement….. Check out the video, and stay tuned to the video so you don’t miss out on any offers