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wGoogle Forms to create auto correcting quizzes


In my last post, Google forms for E-learning Educators, I mentioned the use of Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes or assignments.  Having the ability to auto correct a quiz or assignment means learners can receive feedback relatively quickly. From an E-learning Educators perspective, auto correct saves vast quantities of time as well as adding interaction and creating engagement for learners.

So how can you use Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes or assignments?  Well there is an Add-on available to Google Sheets, Flubaroo, which you can download for free.  ‘Google Sheets!’ I hear you say.  Yep! Google Forms write the answers directly to Google Sheets and it is through Google Sheets that we will carry out the auto correct.  Don’t worry, I am going to walk you through the process. Let’s go through a quick example.

Step by Step

Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes  The first thing you need to do is set up your quiz using Google Forms.  You can access Google Forms from your Google Drive, select new and then select Google Forms.

A new screen with an Untitled blank form will open.  This is your quiz creator.  First select the text    ‘Untitled Form’ and re-name the quiz.  You then have an option to enter a form description.  Once you  have this set up, you can then enter the questions.  Google Forms allow a number of different question  types including multiple choice, check box, text and many more.Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes

Before you start the actual quiz, you will need to  be able to identify the learner.  For this  example our first two questions will be text type  questions.  We want to capture both the  learners name and the learners e-mail address.  For both of these questions we will tick the box for Required question.  By selecting required question, you will force the user to answer this question. When you have entered the first question, press ‘add item’ to add another question.

We can then begin our assignment or quiz questions.  As this is just a sample, I will just set up two questions, using the same method as above.  This time, I will select multiple choice.  You can add as many questions as you want and you can also customise the form, by changing the theme and adding page breaks.

So now my quiz is ready to go, we can move on to the auto correct feature.   The first thing you need to do is set up an Answer Key.  The simplest way to do this is to take the quiz yourself and for your name you are going to type Answer Key.  You are also going to select the correct answers and then submit the form.  In addition to this, we will also enter 3 sample learners response’s to have some test data.

Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzesOn the top of the form builder screen, you will see a heading View Responses.  Click on this and the Google Sheet containing the results will now open.  You can see from the image that the first row of data is the Answer Key that we defined earlier.

On the options bar of the spreadsheet is the option for Add-on’s, and we want to select this and then selectGoogle Forms to create auto correcting quizzes get a new Add-on.  This will bring up the Add-ons screen.

Find and install Flubaroo. The install process is only seconds and you will be asked to give the application some permissions.  Once this is installed, go to Add-ons and you will see Flubaroo, select this and then select Grade Assignment.

Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes

The first step here is to set up the grades.  You can set up points for your questions and each question can carry different points.  You must then identify the answer Key.

Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes

Once you have completed these steps, Flubaroo will then grade the quiz and produce another worksheet named Grades.  This sheet will give you some summary information as well as detailed results for each learner.

Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes

Having all of our learners assignments marked automatically like this is awesome, and even better is the ability to directly email these results to students.  Select Flubaroo and this time select Email Grades.  There is a short from to complete, such as the correct field to pull the email address, and optional comments to the learner.  Once you send the email, the filed in the Grade sheet for Emailed Grades will then populate.

It does not take long to use Google Forms to create auto correcting quizzes.  Immediate feedback to learners greatly enhances the learning experience….and so happier learners.  If you need a way to incorporate assignments, or quizzes to your e-learning course then I suggest you look at ways to incorporate Google Forms.  If you need to improve engagement on your course, you could sent out monthly quizzes that are supplementary to your course material.

This is just one of the many ways you can use Google forms combined with Google Sheets and Apps to enhance you students learning experience.  I am currently looking at a peer review system, using apps such as Rubric, FormMule and creative Google Sheet building.




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    I will do a essay problem, but if i use the FLUBAROO it doesn’t count the essay.

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