I am an advocate for life long learning. I love to learn.  I love course, lessons and classes of all types and topics. Academic learning, Activity based learning, Curious learning, fun learning and social learning.

I love learning so much, I would love you to join me on my learning journey....so here are the current classes and courses I am taking and can recommend...



MOOC Available on the Canvas Network

In this project-based course, you’ll gain instructional design experience while developing open educational resources (OER) for instructors and learners in adult basic education programs.

Leaders of Learning

 MOOC available on EdX from Havard University

Explore and understand your own theories of learning and leadership. Gain the tools to imagine and build the future of learning

Selling Videos with Amazon Video Direct 

 Premium Class on Skillshare

In this class, Rob Cubbon will show you how to get started selling videos on the new platform Amazon Video Direct

Green Screen Video Production - Master Chroma Key On A Low Budget

 Premium Class on Skillshare

Mark Timberlake will teach you to improve your green screen video production skills, light a subject professionally, broadcast live video productions and record them. 

Skillshare Income Strategy: How To Get To The Homepage!

 Premium Class on Skillshare

Let Neil and Linda Shearing show you how to get your class to the homepage on Skillshare