Make more money teaching online lessons with Curious

Make More Money Teaching Online Lessons with Curious

As many of you know I have been teaching online since 2010 making it my sole source of income.  In the last year I have written 2 blogs about the Curious teaching and learning platform.  The first blog was with my teacher hat on and the second blog was with my learner hat on. If you read either of these blog post it’s quite clear to see that I am a big fan of curious dot com.

Being such a big fan of the platform, I have decided to put this quick video together for you, my fellow online educators to explain how you could make more money teaching online lessons with Curious.  There are so many online course market place platforms to sell you courses and classes. Curious is a platform that you should not over looked if you want to increase your passive income.

To sign up to be a Curious Instructor you must first have an account on Curious.  You can sign up with this link or select any of the Curious Lessons below and sign up via the lesson.  You can sign up with your Facebook account or with Email.

Previous Blog Posts about Curious

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Curious Lessons to get you started

How to create Lessons on Curious 

Need some guidance for setting up a Curious lesson? In this lesson for beginner Curious teachers, learn how to upload video, cut it into sections, and add marketing components such as descriptions and thumbnails.  All of which will make sure your lesson gets attention from Curious students. Also, find out how to preview and publish your lesson once it’s finished!

How to create Courses on Curious

Now that you know how to create a Curious lesson, learn how to successfully create and publish a Curious course by grouping related lessons. Get familiar with the Curious course building platform as teacher Paula explains the benefits of Curious courses. Find out how to upload a course image, how to upload a course promo video, and take advantage of all that being a Curious teacher has to offer!

Marketing Strategy for Curious Instructors

Curious offers various marketing tools for teachers to promote their content. In this unofficial lesson for Curious teachers, learn how to develop a marketing strategy and earn more income through the platform. Find out how to set up Curious promos, learn about bounty payments, discover the Curious revenue share, and learn what it takes to get your lesson placed on the tracks of premium Curious learners.

How to Maximize Curious Income

Are you a Curious teacher looking to maximize your passive income and promote your products to the fullest? This lesson demonstrates how to link to relevant lessons and products within the Lesson Builder.  This will allow your students can see the range of products you sell on Amazon or otherwise. Learn how to attach relevant links and more to maximize efforts.


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