6 Reasons – Massive Growth in E-Learning

Online courses, online training, online classes, online education in general is growing year on year. In 2015 over 35 million people registered for an online MOOC, up from 17 million the year before. That’s a whopping +100% growth. So why is it that people are selecting online education rather than the more traditional method?

Here are 6 Reasons for the massive growth in E-Learning.

  • Accessibility – with the growth of mobile use online education has become accessible to those that could not access it before. Geographical discrimination is no longer the issue it once was.
  • Time – We all know time is a constraint. Many people are balancing family life with work life and just don’t have the time to get to a class. Online learning makes learning possible in your own time and at a pace that suites you.
  • Choice – You can learn anything online these days. E-Learning is not restricted to MOOCs with Universities. Many subject matter experts have classes and courses online in topic from Augmented Reality to Zumba.
  • Cost – MOOCs on site such as edX and Coursera are free, although there are payment options on some courses if you are looking for credits. Yes you can find expensive online courses to take, but the price of online courses in general is reducing as the cost of producing online courses is also coming down year on year.
  • Technology – advances in technology makes it possible for educators to create exciting new ways to learn online that engage students in ways that are more effective than attending a lecture.
  • Acceptance – Although E-Learning has been around some time now, over recent times there has been a shift in attitude and recognition for online learning. The stigma of a ‘Purchased Degree or MBA’ is no longer the first thought for many employers. In Fact many employers now see E-Learning as the way forward.


Will this trend of Massive growth in E-Learning continue? In 2010 Facebook had 600 million users.  Did you think it would get to 1.6 billion? I believe online education will continue to grow at a rate that will exceed the majority of other business’s and I am looking forward to seeing the stats for 2016!

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Meet Me!

Meet Me!

Paula is a Qualified CPA with over 15 years’ experience in the fields of Accountancy, Business Management,Process improvement, Internal Audit, Group accountant, Operations management and Training. All across a broad range of industries and sectors. Paula has been Key Speaker at many Accounting Events where her talks on Excel are received very positively. Taken from her experiences in Accounting and business fields, Paula also has Udemy courses and Curious lessons for those wishing to up skill, especially in the area of Spreadsheets, Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Now an E-learning Educator 5+ years, Paula also has a focus on E-learning, Online Teaching, Education Technology and Instructional Design. Drawn from her online teaching experience,Paula has a number of courses available to online teachers to help bridge the skills gap for those that teach or wish to teach online.

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