lifetunes edtech startup

LifeTunes Knowledge Marketplace, a newcomer to the EdTech scene labeled by some as the ‘iTunes for Knowledge’, is a knowledge marketplace that lets anybody easily sell ‘mini-courses’ directly to the worlds mobile phones. Early adopting instructors get 70% of revenues. The evolving consumer, who likes to learn 80% of the content in 20% of the time whilst […]

Make more money teaching online lessons with Curious

Make More Money Teaching Online Lessons with Curious

As many of you know I have been teaching online since 2010 making it my sole source of income.  In the last year I have written 2 blogs about the Curious teaching and learning platform.  The first blog was with my teacher hat on and the second blog was with my learner hat on. If you read […]

Women Educators Rock

Most of you reading this blog know that I have been teaching online quite some time now. With over 16,000 students across multiple platforms, teaching online is my main source of income and I am a work from home mom. But I am not the only women educator.  In fact I am part of an […]